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Mahamudra Meditation Manual

To use this meditation manual, we recommend the following:
  • That one approaches the practices with a sense of caring and respect.
  • That one accepts self-responsibility for one's journey on the path and does not give this up to any "outside stander" including one's teacher.
  • That one questions all material in here "as carefully as buying gold on the bazaar" even though this text has obtained the approvals and blessings of a traditional lineage master.
  • That one first consult one of Thrangu Rinpoche's many texts on Mahamudra and/or attends a retreat on Mahamudra given by him or one of MMC's certified teachers.
It may be helpful to read one or both of the two appendices (Appendix A - Intro. to Buddhism and Appendix B - Mahamudra Perspectives) first since they provide a contextual perspective. Also, traditionally, we cover the first "five series" over a period of 9-10 months, going through practices one week at a time. These are practices which are to be explored and not just read, so please proceed leisurely. Click here or on Table of Contents to proceed to a detailed listing of the contents of the manual.

Please contact us if there are any questions or if you wish to provide comments. Due to the small size and very limited resources of our Center, we may not be able to respond to enquiries.

A Meditation Guide For Mahamudra

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Credits and References

Foreword - The Basis for These Practices (It is recommended you start here.)

Introduction - Establishing a Circle of Yogis


The Start of a Group

Recognizing Areas of Deviation

The Playground

1 - Resting Mind Series

Introduction and Select Fragments

(1) Joyful Resting

(2) Attending to Visual Appearances

(3) Blue Light at the Heart

(4) Sounding AH

(5) Counting Breath

(6) Following Breath

(7) Gentle Vase Breath

(8) Just Sit

2 - Exploring Mind Series

Introduction and Select Fragments

(1) Shape of Mind

(2) Colors of Mind

(3) Location of Mind

(4) Luminosity and Voidness of Mind

(5) Origin, Abode, Destination

(6) Self-Aware Primordial Wisdom

3 - Exploring Thoughts and Appearances Series

Introduction and Select Fragments

(1) Shape of Thoughts

(2) Colors of Thoughts

(3) Location of Thoughts

(4) Luminosity and Voidness of Thoughts

(5) Origin, Abode, Destination

(6) Self-Aware Primordial Wisdom

(7) Investigating Appearances

(8) Investigating the Perceiver of Appearances

(9) Investigating Moving and Calm Mind

(10) Comparing Positive and Negative Thoughts

(11) Comparing Positive and Negative Appearances

(12) Certainty Regarding Moving and Calm Mind

4 - Spontaneous Coemergence Series

Introduction and Select Fragments

(1) Coemergent Mind

(2) Coemergent Thoughts

(3) Coemergent Appearances

(4) Ordinary Mind

(5) Meditating on the Ordinary Mind

(6) Mindfulness, Vigilance, and Caring

(7) Loosening Mind

(8) Resting in Primal Freshness

(9) Delightful Mind

(10) Mind of Relaxation

(11) Non-Meditation and Non-Distraction

5 - Dawning of Certainty Series

Introduction and Select Fragments

(1) Determining the Nature of Thoughts

(2) Determining the Nature of Thoughts and Appearances

(3) Determining the Nature of Consciousness

(4) Awareness and the Three Times

(5) Self and Others

(6) Overarching Awareness of Certainty

(7) Continuing in Awareness of Certainty Day and Night

(8) Carrying Kleshas on the Path

(9) Carrying Illness on the Path

(10) Carrying Sleep on the Path

(11) Carrying Death on the Path

(12) The Four Yogas of Mahamudra

6 - Facets of Being Series

Introduction and Select Fragments

(1) Bodhicitta Aspiration and Application

(2) Illusory Body

(3) Knowing Time

(4) Knowing Space

(5) The Play of Knowledge

(6) Ground of Being and Self-Identity

(7) The Five Elements and The Five Female Buddhas

(8) The Five Skandhas and The Five Male Buddhas

(9) Dream Yoga

(10) Wrathful Means

(11) The Guiding Body

(12) In Action

Appendix A - An Introduction to Buddhism

The Life of the Buddha

The Four Noble Truths

The Meaning of "No-Self"

The Primordial Buddha and a Lasting Liberation

The Practice of Meditation

Appendix B - Perspectives on Mahamudra

The Meaning of Mahamudra


Spiritual Friend

Perspectives from Three Kagyu Lineages


The manual is now also available as a PDF

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